Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcomes old friends and new...

Today we are celebrating 4 years of blogging on my "other" site!  And in honor of those four years one lucky person who posts a comment on this post will win the Campbell Lawson book of their choice, signed to whom they choose, mailed to whom they please (within the US please!)

So tell me...

have you read the books?

Do you have a favorite?

Are you anxious for a new Campbell Lawson book to hit the shelves?

Speak your mind...and good luck!


  1. I've read 'em all. My favorite for stories is Rock'n'Friend. My favorite for illustrations is Wherediditgo. My favorite for the underlying message is Somebody.

    I guess that pretty much covers it. :P

  2. Read them! Loved them!! Sammy's favorite is still Whereitgo? mine is Somebody! I am def. ready for a new one to come out :-)

  3. I am not familiar with these books but they look so cute!! I would love the chance to win one!! Somebody looks A-DORABLE!

  4. This is the first I'm reading bout your books from Amy at Involuntary Smiles! I think your books are Darling and I am going to look and see if I can buy them on the Kindle Fire...if not I'd like to purchase one soon, because how cute!! I think my favorite would be the Rock N friend book.

    Although I also like the story of Somebody.
    They all look really great!

  5. Your books look SOOO cute! I like how all of them look - I think I'm gonna have to invest in them! And congrats for achieving a dream!

  6. My favorite is definitely Rock 'n Friend. Terra. I'm trying to find the link you sent me but I can't on either blog.